Privacy Policy

It is our duty to ensure that your personal information is duly protected here at the / This privacy policy serves to safeguard your personal identifiable information. The following are the privacy policy for our website.

It is mandatory for every newcomer to register at our website. We provide a form, which the applicant should be filled with the user’s details. Registration is done to ensure that users comply with the law. This will prevent users from engaging in fraudulent activities. Moreover, registered creates the username and password which gives the user privacy while accessing the information from our website.

Information collected on the website
There are some instances that we may request you to give your personal identifiable information such as name, address, date of birth, email address or telephone number. It becomes more necessary for you to give us your personal information before using our products or website. This enables us to serve you better and give you feedback to your questions when necessary. By giving us your personal identifiable information, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website.

Disclosure of personal information
We may give your personal information to our employees and agents to administer products and services to you. We assure you that we shall not disclose this information without your consent. However, we shall disclose it if the law requires us to do so. It is important to note that we have no obligation to disclose your information to relevant authorities if you infringe our terms and conditions. This may include giving your personal information to specific organizations to improve fraud protection. Any disclosure of personal data is done according to the state law.

Cookies are files saved on your computer or handheld device when you visit the website. The cookies have a unique identifier. We may use cookies for tracking audience size, user authentication, and promotion campaigns. We may incorporate graphic images on our email messages and newsletters to check whether the messages were read or the links were viewed. We may allow third-party advertisers to create and access cookies. However, these third-party advertisers must comply with our privacy policies. We are not liable for any issues that may arise due to use of third-party cookies. However, you can always disable any cookies from your PC or handheld device if you no longer need them. It is important to note that permanently disabling the cookies can affect your use of our site and other services.

Log files
Log files are tools, which are used to get more detailed information about the individual. We use log files for administrative purposes only. Therefore, we do not disclose our log files to any third party.

Third party websites
Sometimes it may become necessary to include third party products on our site. The privacy policies of such third party links may not be the same as ours. We admit no responsibility or liability for any activities of such linked third party sites. However, our main desire is to protect the honesty of our website as well as getting feedback from these third party websites.

Maintenance of information
The information you give to us is very crucial in ensuring that you get quality service from us. Therefore, it is our obligation to guard this information to avoid inconveniences of requesting information from you repeatedly. We have protected database for storing our customer’s personal identifiable information. However, we allow our customers to update their information whenever they want.

Ensuring the security of the website information is our main priority. The information in our website is well protected against viruses and malware. We have put enough security measures to ensure that our website does not harm the computers or handheld devices of our customers.

Our website contains a lot of information, which we created it ourselves. However, you should be aware any information at the is used at the user’s risk. You must take a lot of caution when using information contributed by visitors such as comments on our blog posts. You should note that not all the comments from our visitors are safe. We are not responsible for the harm that this website may cause. Therefore, you are advised to carefully use the information from this website.

For any questions or concerns please contact us.